[neomutt-users] Tool that enables sending HTML-formatted mail with Mutt

Ismael Bouya ismael.bouya at normalesup.org
Thu Jan 4 16:56:38 CET 2018

Hey Amit and all,
Your program looks great, I was actually wondering a few days ago wether
this kind of thing already existed or not.
Is there any way to have it as a hook before sending (like a hook that
would create another mime part) rather than wrapping the sendmail
program? That would permit to remove the html version before sending, if

(Thu, Jan 04, 2018 at 04:15:15PM +0200) Amit Ramon :
> Hello all,
> As a long-time Mutt (and now NeoMutt) user, who's also writing in a
> right-to-left language (Hebrew in my case) I've received, from time to
> time, complaints from people to whom I sent emails about the Hebrew
> text not displaying properly - in most cases, depending on the email
> client, it was aligned to the left, making it difficult to read.
> As I couldn't control the behavior of the email clients at the
> receiving side, the way I found to overcome this problem was to add a
> HTML part, containing direction directives, to the email message.
> This gave me the initial motivation for developing this tool,
> plainMail2HTML:
> https://github.com/amitramon/plainMail2HTML
> It acts as a filter: instead of piping the email generated by Mutt
> directly into sendmail (which is the way Mutt works), you pipe it into
> plainMail2HTML, and the output is then piped into sendmail.
> plainMail2HTML looks for the first text/plain message, parse it (for
> example, using reStructuredText) and generate a HTML component that is
> added to the message.
> Besides solving the "direction problem", it allows one to use markup
> language for composing mail, that will be displayed nicely on a HTML
> email client.
> I wrote this tool a couple of years age and I'm using it since
> then. However, until not so long ago it was in a pretty much immature
> state. Only recently have I brought it, I hope, to a better state,
> added documentation and made it more usable.
> I hope you find it useful. I'd be happy to answer any question and to
> provide more explanations.
> Cheers,
> Amit

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