[neomutt-users] Tool that enables sending HTML-formatted mail with Mutt

Amit Ramon amit.ramon at riseup.net
Thu Jan 4 15:15:15 CET 2018

Hello all,

As a long-time Mutt (and now NeoMutt) user, who's also writing in a
right-to-left language (Hebrew in my case) I've received, from time to
time, complaints from people to whom I sent emails about the Hebrew
text not displaying properly - in most cases, depending on the email
client, it was aligned to the left, making it difficult to read.

As I couldn't control the behavior of the email clients at the
receiving side, the way I found to overcome this problem was to add a
HTML part, containing direction directives, to the email message.

This gave me the initial motivation for developing this tool,


It acts as a filter: instead of piping the email generated by Mutt
directly into sendmail (which is the way Mutt works), you pipe it into
plainMail2HTML, and the output is then piped into sendmail.

plainMail2HTML looks for the first text/plain message, parse it (for
example, using reStructuredText) and generate a HTML component that is
added to the message.

Besides solving the "direction problem", it allows one to use markup
language for composing mail, that will be displayed nicely on a HTML
email client.

I wrote this tool a couple of years age and I'm using it since
then. However, until not so long ago it was in a pretty much immature
state. Only recently have I brought it, I hope, to a better state,
added documentation and made it more usable.

I hope you find it useful. I'd be happy to answer any question and to
provide more explanations.



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