[neomutt-users] SMTP connection is anonymous (and so fails)

Jeff Abrahamson jeff at p27.eu
Sun Feb 18 21:12:15 CET 2018

On 18/02/18 20:52, Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:
> * Jeff Abrahamson <jeff at p27.eu>:
>> I'd like to be able to send email with NeoMutt 20170609 (1.8.3). 
>> Compile options include  +sasl.
>> In my config, I've said this:
>>       set from = "jeff at p27.eu"
>>       set realname = "Jeff Abrahamson"
>>       set use_from = yes
>>       set envelope_from = yes
>>       set smtp_url = "smtps://jeff@mail.p27.eu:465/"
>>       set ssl_force_tls = yes
> Looks like you don't send the password. My config goes like this:
> set smtp_url=smtp://identity@mail.sys4.de:587/
> set smtp_pass=--secret--

Thanks.  Specifying smtp_pass results in the same behaviour for me.
(In addition, the docs suggest that not specifying a password should
result in it being prompted on first send.)

    3.348. smtp_pass

    Type: string
    Default: (empty)

    Specifies the password for your SMTP account. If unset, Mutt will
    prompt you
    for your password when you first send mail via SMTP. See $smtp_url
    to configure
    mutt to send mail via SMTP.

    Warning: you should only use this option when you are on a fairly secure
    machine, because the superuser can read your muttrc even if you are
    the only
    one who can read the file.


Jeff Abrahamson
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