[neomutt-users] Old (O) messages shown as new (N) in index

Mihai Lazarescu mtlagm at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 18:34:48 CET 2018

I'm using NeoMutt 20180716 with maildir folders on Fedora 28.

Flag Old (O) is shown as New (N) whenever I reopen the 
folder.  I.e., I cannot make permanent the "O" flag: 

Coming from mutt, I would expect that after setting Old flag 
(<set-flag>O) and syncing (<sync-mailbox>), when I reopen the 
folder to see that the message preserved the flag "O" (old) 
in index.  But I see it flagged as "N" (new) instead.

Is this behaviour intended?


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