[neomutt-users] Remove any of my email addresses from Cc when reply-all -> alternates+metoo

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Thu Aug 30 01:34:57 CEST 2018

* Valentin Iovene <tgy at inria.fr> [2018-08-29 19:31]:
> Sometimes it occurs that one of my email addresses is
> present in the Cc field when replying all to an email.
> This occur sometimes when I receive an email on a
> particular address but reply with another address.
> Is there a way to filter out from the Cc field any
> email that is in the list of my email addresses?

yes.. but this would be a config your MTA.

when you are answering emails with reply-all
then you'll get a Cc to your own addresse
simply because neomutt does NOT know
that this email belongs to you.

so you should tell neomutt about it with this:

    alternates my.other at email.address

now for the test:
add this to your config and use
reply-all on such an email again.
do you still see yourself in Cc?

mind you, you can also set multiple addresses
with "alternates" and with patterns, too, eg:

    alternates (sven|guckes)@guckes.net *@guckes.net

if you still see yourself there
then explicitly set this, too:

    unset metoo

however, this should be the default.

does this solve your problem?
any feedback appreciated.
bith here on the list as well as on
our #neomutt channel on Freenode.


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