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Stefan Kropp stefan at debxwoody.de
Sun Aug 12 15:06:41 CEST 2018

Am Mittwoch, den 08.08.2018 um 12:05:17 +0200 schrieb stefan at debxwoody.de:
> Hello neomutt-users,
> there are different ways to integrate neomutt in your daily life.
> It's possible to connect an IMAP Server via neomutt directly.
> Some people like to use gmail and they may sync the IMAP Account with
> a tool. I don't know yet, but I think tools like offlineimap.
> Some using mbox, some using maildir.
> I'm using more than one account. I don't like to keep my mails on an
> public server. I fetch all E-Mail via getmail. For each account I'm
> using a dedicated procmail-configuration. Procmail is sorting all the
> mails in a Maildir folder structure. When it's done, I'm using notmuch
> to tag all new mails. In neomutt I'm using virtual-folders where I'm
> working based on the tags. I'm using the SMTP connection via neomutt,
> directly. I like the separation of physical folders (maildir) and
> virtual folders (notmuch).
> How did you setup your neomutt environment? What's your workflow?

I started to create a wiki in the samples repository on
github: https://github.com/neomutt/samples/wiki

Feedback and remarks and proposals are welcome.

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