[neomutt-users] [tuxic at posteo.de: Re: vim not recognzied anymore...?]

tuxic at posteo.de tuxic at posteo.de
Sun Apr 8 10:15:01 CEST 2018


As said...all this works perfectly until yesterday...

When neomutt is called from the commandline of an opened terminal,
vim is called.

When starting neomutt via the menu of the openbox windowmanager
it does not longer work.
Since all defined mailinglists are set in both cases, neomuttrc will
be sourced in both cases.
And neomuttrc defines the editor to use.

What happens here?


On 04/08 08:34, tuxic at posteo.de wrote:
> Hi,
> a regularly update my neomutt installation from git.
> So I did this morning.
> And suddenly neomutt starts nano default editor instead
> of my beloved vim.
> The configuration was not changed.
> How can I fix it...I am such a vim addict and nano
> is painful for me ... :)
> Cheers
> Meino

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