[neomutt-users] Virtual Folders and sidebar_short_path

Bob Gregory bob.gregory at made.com
Tue Sep 5 13:51:22 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I can't seem to get these two features to work together. Should I be able
to do this?

I have a bunch of virtual folders defined against notmuch:

virtual-mailboxes "work" "notmuch://?query=tag:work AND not tag:trash"
virtual-mailboxes "work/inbox" "notmuch://?query=tag:inbox AND tag:work"
virtual-mailboxes "work/todo" "notmuch://?query=tag:todo AND not tag:trash
AND tag:work"

I have configured the sidebar to use short paths.

set sidebar_short_path
set sidebar_folder_indent
set sidebar_indent_string="  "

But I still see the full name of each virtual mailbox. Do these features
not interact?

 -- Bob
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