[neomutt-users] selective mail-folluwup-to for a list/debbugs? [Fwd: [bug#28292] Add emacs-game-2048.]

Rieger Anton rieger at jikken.de
Sun Sep 3 00:14:20 CEST 2017

On Sat, Sep 02, 2017 at 08:33:13PM +0000, ng0 wrote:
>Richard Russon transcribed 1.2K bytes:
>> Hi ng0,
>> > > please configure your email client to not add Mail-followup-to: guix-patches
>> "unset followup_to" should do the trick.
>> Cheers,
>>     Rich / FlatCap
>That's global I assume? Can it be unset for specific
>cases? I used Gnus between long times of mutt/neomutt
>and it was easy to set these things on matches.
>Hm... man muttrc(1)…
>> Controls whether or not the “Mail-Followup-To:” header field is generated when sending mail.   When
>> set,  Mutt  will  generate this field when you are replying to a known mailing list, specified with
>> the “subscribe” or “lists” commands.
>in "lists" which is sourced by muttrc:
>>subscribe [0-9]+.*@debbugs.gnu.org
>subscribe guix-patches at gnu.org
>so it should be fixed when I "unsubscribe" from both
>of them?
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You should also look into the `L' command (list-reply).
And maybe the `reply, send2, send and message'-hook are interesting to

This is my first post on a mailing list, so please excuse if I messed
something up in my setup

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