[neomutt-users] source command bug?

Baron Fujimoto neomutt.org at monkeybutt.com
Thu Nov 2 02:20:17 CET 2017

I'm using NeoMutt 20171013 built from MacPorts.

I have the following in my .muttrc:

source "~/.mutt/muttrc"
source "~/.mutt/aliases"

Where muttrc has a bunch of customizations, and aliases exclusively
contains my aliases. This used to work fine.

Recently though neomutt no longer appears to source my "~/.mutt/aliases"
file from .muttrc. Other settings in "~/.mutt/muttrc" are applied as
expected. If I define an alias in ~/.mutt/muttrc, that alias works. If I
'source "~/.mutt/aliases"' from within neomutt, all aliases defined
therein work. It will also work if I source ~/.mutt/aliases from within
~/.mutt/muttrc. Why is it not working as it used to when sourced from my
~/.muttrc? Bug?

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