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Dwijadas Dey dwijad at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 18:55:33 CET 2017

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             I have the following configurations for neomutt (CentOS 7) in
~/.muttrc file.

set ssl_starttls=yes
set imap_user = 'my-email-id at gmail.com '
set imap_pass = 'password'
set from='my-email-id at gmail.com '
set realname='My Real Name'
set folder = 'imaps://imap.gmail.com:993/'
set spoolfile = 'imaps://imap.gmail.com/INBOX'
set postponed='imaps://imap.gmail.com/[Gmail]/Drafts'
set header_cache = '~/.mutt/cache/headers'
set message_cachedir = '~/.mutt/cache/bodies'
set certificate_file = '~/.mutt/certificates'
set smtp_url = 'smtp://my-email-id@smtp.gmail.com:587/'
set smtp_pass = 'password'
set move = no
set imap_keepalive = 900

But when i start mutt, it says

*"gnutls_priority_set_direct(@SYSTEM): The request is invalid.Error no TLS
socket open"*

The above error is coming from the file /etc/Muttrc line number 5325

*5325 # set ssl_ciphers="@SYSTEM"*
5326 #
5327 # Name: ssl_ciphers
5328 # Type: string
5329 # Default: "@SYSTEM"

What changes should i do to remove the above error ?
It looks like neomutt does not work out of the box in CentOS 7.
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