[neomutt-users] reverse_name and alternates

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Wed Mar 15 18:16:44 CET 2017

* <mailinglists-neomutt-users at 925789452.de> [2017-03-15 18:08]:
> > > and would you also have a hint, where I would
> > > look for the problem, that this change now makes
> > > me reply to my self instead of the sender?
> > the glass sphere is cloudy..  send an example!
> it disappeared after remaking the alternates
> into single lines in the upper style,
> but my from for this mail is not
> autogenerated, though my alternates contains
> '''
> set reverse_name=yes
> set from="admin at 927589452.de"
> alternates @927589452.de
> '''
> shouldn't that work for a recipient of
> mailinglists-neomutt-users at 927589452.de

incomplete example.
it is missing the address lines
of the email and the command.

so.. let's assume it all then:

     From: anyone at anydomain
       To: something at 927589452.de
  Subject: whatever

this is the email you have received.
now you use the command "reply".
the expected result is this:

     From: something at 927589452.de
       To: anyone at anydomain
  Subject: Re: whatever

correct?  or do you get some other result?


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