[neomutt-users] "Hello" and a small little typo ...

tuxic at posteo.de tuxic at posteo.de
Sun Mar 5 16:07:19 CET 2017


This is my first posting to this mailing list.

I am a long time user of muttng and had never used mutt.

Currently I am compiling a new root for my Gentoo Linux,
since the (very) old one has good to much issues.

With the new root I want to use neomutt as replacement
for muttng, since that one is dead since years.
(For now I am posting with my old root/muttng).

I dont want to kill mails accidentally when
setting up the mail system with my new root and
when configuring neomutt.

On the other hand: I need some "real work examples"
to work with...

Is there any "dry run"-way to start mutt, so it pulls
and reads mails but do not delete those on the mailserver
itself (want to use POP, no IMAP).

Thanks a lot for any help in advance!


PS: Found a little typo in the documentation of neomutt
which slightly had confused (at least) me:

The title of chapter 

    1.1. Location of Mutt system config files


    1.2. Location of Mutt system config files

are identical but the second one explains user config files...

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