[neomutt-users] "mutt -e <command>" does not do as documented

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Mon Jun 5 12:56:16 CEST 2017

Hi Floyd,

You have the same problem as Xu -- The documentation.

> But using other examples:
>    $ echo -e 'lua mutt.print("hello from mutt.rc")\n' > /tmp/mutt-test.rc
>    $ mutt -F /tmp/mutt-test.rc -e 'lua mutt.print("hello from cmdline")' -B
> prints out in the right order:
>    $ hello from mutt.rc
>    $ hello from cmdline

This is as expected.
The config files are read (with the side-effect of printing "hello from mutt.rc"
Then, the command line options are executed, printing "hello from cmdline"

> Also variable initialisation like:

Same, here
Variable is first set to "hello from mutt.rc"
The overwritten with "hello from cmdline"

The command line is "more important" than the config files,
so it needs to be processed afterwards.

Hope that makes sense.

Rich / FlatCap
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