[neomutt-users] Query: Attach file - cumbersome!

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Wed Jan 18 03:03:05 CET 2017


* Andrew Duchowski <aduchow at clemson.edu> [2017-01-18 02:33]:
> On a Mac, I just changed from mutt to neomutt via
> upgrades to macOS Sierra and macports.
> In mutt, when I used to 'a'ttach a file and then press
> '?' to search the list of folders, two things happened:
> 1. I would see my ~/Mail folder
> 2. mutt would remember which dir I was in
>    if I wanted to 'a'ttach again
> Now, in neomutt, when I 'a'ttach a file, two things happen:
> 1. I see my remote mail spoolfile (e.g., exchange) and now
>    I have to press '=' to get to my local ~/Mail dir
> 2. neumutt no longer remembers where I was looking
>    at for attachments, consequently I have to press '=' again
>    and then descend down a possibly long directory
>    branch to get to where I was just a second ago.

confirmed. :-/

> Is there a .muttrc switch to revert
> back to the old functionality?

i dont know of one.  sorry.

this is what there is to do:

  menu     key command
  ----     --- -------------------
  index    a   attach-file
  dialog   "Attach file ('?' for list):"
           ?   show-list
  title    -- Mutt: Directory [/home/user/guckes], File mask: !^\.[^.]
  browser  c   change-dir
  prompt   Chdir to: /etc/

the next time you do "a ? c" neomutt should
give you the prompt for "Chdir" again -
but this time with "Chdir to: /etc/"
so neomutt does remember this. yay.

but having to "show the list" *every* time
before you can use change-dir again sucks. :-(

i really wish there were one or two extra lines in mutt
to show additional info such as the current directory:

  Attach file ('?' for list):
  current dir:  /etc/neomutt/
  current sort: alpha

and then the dialog should accept a list of strings
which all are used to filter the directory listing.
so when "/etc" is the current directory then
"pa   wd" gives me "passwd" and
"deb ver" gives me "debian_version" and
"conf se" gives me this:


now you tags some of these and attach them all.

(should i mention that sorting by alpha,
 date and size would be great?  naah..)

20+ years ago on the mac there was a "dialog" extension
which was great.  quick access to directories..
it remember last 10 (20?) directories.
i really wish every program had that.
Apple should have bought this and
ship it with all of their systems.
(and everyone should adopt it
 with their own system. :-)

but i digress..

oh - the first time the Chdir prompt gives me this:
ie with some extra four characters.  bug alert! :-O


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