[neomutt-users] Vim-Lover Wanted

Thomas Schneider qsx at qsx.re
Mon Feb 27 00:08:56 CET 2017

> > > For efficiency, I could try rewriting makedoc.c in python, using the
> > > pyparsing library (and some C source code introspection) to extract
> > > needed information out of the source. If someone doesn't think it's a
> > > good idea (@ghar?) I'll abstain, otherwise I can put that in my TODO
> > > list.
> > Yup, so in six months' time to build mutt we'll need lua & python, great ;)
> yup there's nothing wrong with that ☺
> first: python is available per default on all systems installed in the
> last 10 years.
Wrong.  OpenBSD does not ship Python in base, and as far as I know,
neither do FreeBSD and NetBSD.  OS X only comes with Python 2, and
please don’t write new Python 2 code.

> second: we already depend on M4 for the build stuff. Is that really
> better? (that's rhetorical)
No, just bad enough.

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