[neomutt-users] Issue Triage - Help Wanted

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sat Feb 25 14:57:49 CET 2017

    the assignment of degrees of urgency to injuries to decide
    the order of treatment of a large number of casualties

Do you know NeoMutt well?

This job is non-technical and even offering a small amount of time would
help NeoMutt run more smoothly.

Typical 'issue' tasks might involve:

- Tagging new issues when they arrive
  - Question, Enhancement, Bug
- Asking posters for more information, e.g.
  - steps to reproduce
  - sample config
  - screenshot
- Spotting regressions
  - When did it last work?
- Closing duplicates
- Dealing with issues that have gone quiet:
  - Is this still a problem for you?
  - Are you still working on this?
  - What can we do to help you move forward?
- Helping the user test a fix

Sound like something you could do?

Please help.
    Rich / FlatCap
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