[neomutt-users] how to go to directory view immediately when <change-folder>?

Jörg Sommer joerg at alea.gnuu.de
Fri Dec 15 17:20:02 CET 2017

Peter P. hat am Fri 15. Dec, 11:16 (+0100) geschrieben:
> I am constantly stumbling across neomutt trying to help me in my daily
> life by only showing me folders with new mail when I press 'c' which I
> have mapped to <change-folder>.
> I know that I can press TAB to see all folders (aka directory mode), but
> don't want to switch every time.
> Is there a way to have neomutt display all folders upon <change-folder>
> and possibly mark the ones with new mail with a tag such as 'N'?
> I know that I could use a workaround such as 
> 	macro index,pager c "<change-folder><tab>"
> but this causes some other problems...

I'm using

    macro index m "<change-folder>?<sort-reverse>d"


    mailboxes `echo $HOME/Mail/mdir/*`
    set folder_format="%3C %t%N %5n %-30f %d %9s"

%N expands to N, if the mailbox contains new messages.

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