[neomutt-users] new_mail_command - now looking for a read_mail_command

Eric Smith es at fruitcom.com
Wed Aug 16 13:05:32 CEST 2017

Richard Russon wrote on Wed-16-Aug 17 12:37PM
> > Is this do-able  / sensible to do from within neomutt ?
> As you've probably guessed by the silence, it's not possible (yet).
> It's an interesting idea, though.

Thanks Rich!

I loved this new_mail-command but only yesterday switched it off
because of very many "false positives", alas, 

FWIW I used it thusly:
set new_mail_command="echo New Mail %n ">/tmp/newmail"
and then in my screencaptionrc:
backtick 1 3 3 cat /tmp/newmail

So in my status line I have what in the old days they called an Xbiff.

Thanks for teaching this old mutt many new tricks - ahhhh
Long may it live.

Best wishes

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