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Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sat Sep 24 13:59:39 CEST 2016

Hi NeoMutt users,

I've just added some new features to the code.
They'll be included in the next release (next Friday).

Rich / FlatCap

# forgotten-attachment improvement

You can have NeoMutt prevent missing attachments using a set of words,
defined by using a regex (regular expression).

It's the work of new NeoMutt developer: Johannes Weißl (weisslj)

By setting:
    set abort_noattach = ask-yes
    set attach_keyword = "\\<attach(|ed|ments?)\\>"
    # Look for: attach, attached, attachment, attachments

Examples are given in English, French, German and Dutch.

# New feature: compose-to-sender

Create a new email to the sender (or group of senders)

It's the work of regular NeoMutt developer: Guillaume Brogi (guiniol)

When you want to send an email to a person, you can now use the
"compose-to-sender" function to save time.

Example config:
    bind index,pager @ compose-to-sender

Simply select an email and hit "@".  To send to a group of people, tag
some emails and press ";@"

Note: This creates a separate email, not a reply, so it won't be part of
a thread.

# New feature: Kyoto Cabinet header cache

Use an updated cache database for a quicker NeoMutt

It's the work of new NeoMutt developer: Clemens Lang (neverpanic)

Kyoto Cabinet is a database.  It's a drop-in replacement (and
improvement for the old Tokyo Cabinet database).

# LMDB header cache improvement

Make LMDB as fast to start as it is when running.

It's the work of new NeoMutt developers:
    Pietro Cerutti (gahr) and Clemens Lang (neverpanic)
The LMDB header cache is *very* fast.  Unfortunately, a bug in the code
meant that sometimes it could be *very* slow to build the cache.  This
bug is now fixed.

# sensible-browser improvement

Improve the behaviour of the sensible-browser

It's the work of regular NeoMutt developer: Pierre-Elliott Bécue (P-EB)

After a lot of debugging and experimenting, these fixes should make the
browser even easier to use.

They also introduce a new key: "=" to change your location to $folder.

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