[neomutt-users] Coming soon

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Thu Sep 1 12:12:01 CEST 2016

Hi NeoMutt users,

I've just a couple of new features to the code.
They'll be included in the next release (next week).

Rich / FlatCap

# sidebar_ordinary

This is a new colour for the Sidebar.

You can configure most aspects of the Sidebar.
You can highlight mailboxes containing new, or flagged, mail, etc

See the Sidebar Intro for more details:

The new option will allow you to set the colour of mailboxes that DON'T
have any exciting email.  This means you can dim the colours of
mailboxes you don't want to look at, e.g.

    # Make ordinary mailboxes appear grey
    color sidebar_ordinary color245 default

# reply-with-xorig

This is a new option for power users!
It's the work of new NeoMutt developer: Pierre-Elliott Bécue.

When you reply to an email, NeoMutt uses the value in $from to create
the From: part of the header.  If you have multiple email accounts,
sometimes it's easy to reply with the wrong account name.

The new variable will fix that:

    # Reply using X-Original-To: field
    set reply_with_xorig = yes

If someone sends an email to "rich at example.com" the reply will come from
"rich at example.com".

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