[neomutt-users] Three Hundred Stars on GitHub

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Wed Nov 16 16:13:51 CET 2016

Thank you everyone!  Eight months and we're going from strength to strength.

*GitHub users*: Please show your support with a star

## What have we Achieved?

So far, we've added 29 features, and have more in development.  Also there are
3 contrib features.  On top of this we've done lots of testing, fixed lots of
bugs and created a mountain of documentation.

Perhaps our greatest achievement, though, is getting features accepted into
upstream Mutt (Sidebar, Compressed Folders, Trash Folder, XDG Config).

Many thanks to everyone who's been helping to make NeoMutt a success.

Long may it continue!

## Community

We're a growing band of developers and Mutt enthusiasts who want to see modern
features in Mutt.

- GitHub ~40 members
- IRC Channel ~70 people -- **#neomutt** on **irc.freenode.net**
- Devel Mailing List ~30 people
- Users Mailing List ~50 people

Join us!

## Distro Support

To get these features to the users, we're been working closely with many
distros to provide ready-made packages of NeoMutt:


- Arch (AUR)
- CentOS / RHEL
- Debian
- Fedora (COPR)
- FreeBSD
- Gentoo
- Homebrew (MacOS)
- MacPorts
- NetBSD (pkgsrc)
- NixOS Linux
- OpenBSD
- Void Linux

## Features

These features are maintained against the latest stable version of Mutt,
they've been tidied up and tested.  Also, each comes with documentation and a
sample muttrc.


| Name                 | Description
| ---------------------|-----------------------------------------------------
| Attach Headers Color | Color attachment headers using regexp              
| Compose to Sender    | Send new mail to the sender of the current mail    
| Compressed Folders   | Read from/write to compressed mailboxes            
| Conditional Dates    | Use rules to choose date format                    
| Encrypt-to-Self      | Save a self-encrypted copy of emails               
| Fmemopen             | Replace some temporary files with memory buffers   
| Forgotten Attachment | Alert user when (s)he forgets to attach a file     
| Ifdef                | Conditional config options                         
| Index Color          | Custom rules for theming the email index           
| Initials Expando     | Expando for author's initials                      
| Keywords             | Labels/Tagging for emails                          
| Kyoto Cabinet        | Kyoto Cabinet backend for the header cache         
| Limit Current Thread | Focus on one Email Thread                          
| LMDB                 | LMDB backend for the header cache                  
| Multiple FCC         | Save multiple copies of outgoing mail              
| Nested If            | Allow complex nested conditions in format strings  
| New Mail             | Execute a command upon the receipt of new mail     
| NNTP                 | Talk to a Usenet news server                       
| Notmuch              | Email search engine                                
| Progress Bar         | Show a visual progress bar on slow operations      
| Quasi-Delete         | Mark emails that should be hidden, but not deleted 
| Reply With X-Orig-To | Direct reply to email using X-Original-To header   
| Sensible Browser     | Make the file browser behave                       
| Sidebar              | Overview of mailboxes                              
| Skip Quoted          | Leave some context visible                         
| Status Color         | Custom rules for theming the status bar            
| Timeout              | Run a command periodically                         
| TLS-SNI              | Negotiate with a server for a TSL/SSL certificate  
| Trash Folder         | Automatically move deleted emails to a trash bin   

## Contributions

Writing code isn't the only way to help Mutt users.
Here are some contrib features that are packaged with NeoMutt.

| Name                 | Description
| ---------------------|-----------------------------------------------------
| keybase              | Keybase Integration
| vim-keys             | Easy and clean Vi-keys for Mutt
| vim-syntax           | Vim syntax highlighting for muttrc

## Upstream

These features have now been accepted into upstream Mutt.

| Name                 | Description
| ---------------------|-----------------------------------------------------
| Sidebar              | Overview of mailboxes                              
| Compressed Folders   | Read from/write to compressed mailboxes            
| Trash Folder         | Automatically move deleted emails to a trash bin   
| XDG Config           | Look for config files in desktop-standard places

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