[neomutt-users] Translating NeoMutt

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sun Nov 13 16:27:14 CET 2016

Hi Guillaume,

I've made a start in the [devel/translate] branch.

> Is there any way to see which sentences are missing and which are fuzzy?

Yes, they're marked with the string "fuzzy".
Here's the French translation:


The message translator keeps track when the source code is updated.
If it fails to keep track, then the string is marked "fuzzy"
(probably correct, but needs human intervention).

Most of the "fuzzy" translations can be quickly accepted.

There is a program "poedit" (Portable Object Editor) that makes
translation easier.

> How is the web page generated?

Magic!  (It's not scripted yet, if anyone wants to volunteer :-)

The 'msgfmt' program outputs a count of Translated, Fuzzy and
Untranslated strings. e.g.

    690 translated messages, 349 fuzzy translations, 230 untranslated messages.

I converted the output to a table of <div>s.

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