[neomutt-devel] set devel_security = yes

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Wed May 8 11:57:26 CEST 2024

Hi Devs!

I've just merged Alex's security improvements:


These are a *development* features.  To enable them:

	set devel_security = yes

They use three new config options:

  # Add an informative block with details about the encryption
  set crypt_encryption_info = yes

  # Controls wether NeoMutt will weed protected header fields
  set crypt_protected_headers_weed = no

  # Generate protected header (Memory Hole) for signed and encrypted emails
  set crypt_protected_headers_write = yes

We haven't had much feedback yet.
Now you have a chance, not to just read about the features, but test them.

PLEASE TEST THEM and let us know what you think.

		FlatCap / Rich
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