[neomutt-devel] Encryption information block

Alejandro Colomar alx at kernel.org
Thu Mar 28 22:40:45 CET 2024


I'd like to see a block like the one for signature information, but for
encryption information.

I'd like to get some feedback.  After some investigation I did yesterday
and today, it seems much simpler than I thought, so I might have the
patch ready in just a few days.  Please look at
<https://github.com/neomutt/neomutt/issues/4163> for the original

I'm thinking of this format, right above the signature information

[-- Begin encryption information --]
Recipient: (RSA) 0xC527609C7E1875BD
Recipient: (RSA) 0x00C14A7DBBDD521C
[-- End encryption information --]

If you think a different format, or trying to show more information
would make more sense, or have any other comments, please let me know.

Have a lovely day!

Looking for a remote C programming job at the moment.
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