[neomutt-devel] A Release is Coming!

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Fri Sep 22 01:21:17 CEST 2023

> I've never really looked at $sleep_time

I've had a quick look.  Hmm...

There are about a dozen direct calls to mutt_sleep(), usually after
serious errors.  It's errors that we need to focus on.

But first some history.

Mutt's error reporting is just lots of code trying to write to the
message window.  There's no coordination between them, so most of them
are followed by mutt_sleep() to make sure that they're seen.
Then there's a mutt_clear_error() to clean up afterwards.

Years ago, NeoMutt centralised all these into the MessageWindow.
It would display a message and record the time.
If an error was followed by message, the message would have to wait.
Multiple messages would overwrite each other immediately.

Finally, there's mutt_clear_error(). NeoMutt doesn't want that to clear
an error too soon, so that can cause a delay too.
They're scattered around like confetti.

There are about 80 calls to mutt_clear_error().
There are about 800 error messages.

After a bit of discussion on IRC, it might be possible to do something
smarter.  Messages aren't lost once they've gone, you can always view
them using <show-log-messages>.  Instead of pausing, we could just
indicate that some messages have passed the user by.  Maybe:

    This is the latest message       [4]

Where [4] shows how many messages occurred.

Just some thoughts.
I'll keep thinking.

    FlatCap / Rich
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