[neomutt-devel] including modified neomutt in project(s) uploaded to github

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 11 03:01:31 CEST 2023

On Mon, Jul 10, 2023 at 03:06:20PM +0100, Richard Russon wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> > I have been using a modified version of an older neomutt
> Can you apply the changes to a newer version of NeoMutt?
> (newer versions are better :-)
> > I only modified a few files but its central to how some of this
> What have you changed?

Its been a while since I looked at it but basically IIRC
I took out the "main" and made it a library for automated

> If you think that your mods might be useful to others, then please share.
> Create a Pull-Request on GitHub so we can discuss them.

I think I sent them years ago no real interst, you may even have
an API for similar usage. Remove the main or UI and
link it to an app for mail handling. I use it to download hotmail
and archive various files on a mail server. Bascially
I guess the linux 'mail" command would work using a pop3 or
something :)  Eventually I was looking at custom mime types
but never got that far. 
> > How should this be handled in my repositories and credited in the apps?
> If you're making your patched version available to others,
> then the GPL just requires that you make the source available.

I guess in terms of putting it in a repository and making it
easy to credit you ( " how many people actually use neomutt and
for what?" ) are there specific ways to make the credit
easy to find? Kind of like a bibliography? 

I also wasn't sure how to refernce all your source code.
My total code is probably much less than your's but asking
someone to go get neomutt and replace some files with
mine seems cumberson. I was thinking about including your 
code as a tar or something as kind of separate but anything
I do is complicated. All of my stuff is basically header libraries
and I compile everything in one long line :) 

I guess I could go all out make a config file and all the 
cool stuff. I just downloaded and built FreeFem and it appears
to use a lot of third party works. I guess I could copy some 
stuff form them. 

> You can add your name to the credits, where you see fit,
> but clearly you can't remove mine ;-)
I've only modified what I needed to and comments rarely need
modification :)  I've actually included some credit facilities
in my wizards ( I have app skeleton and "everything else" that 
does quite well ) which should bring all the credits
to the apps' "-about" option but not done much with that yet.

Most of my code doesn't even have credits or disclaimers
or license stuff. All these little things, fixing the formating
and removing dead code or profanities will take a lot of time
so I'm still being selective about what I do put up.


> Cheers,
>     FlatCap / Rich


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