[neomutt-devel] Next Release: Fri 8th Oct

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Wed Sep 29 12:41:31 CEST 2021

Yes, you read that correctly.

For over six months, we've been working hard to make some large
architectural improvements to the code (and introduce some new

PLEASE can you make some time to build and test the latest code,
       and let us know if you spot anything wrong.

    Rich / FlatCap

Pietro (@gahr) has put together some draft release notes.  Thanks!


* Allow `<sync-mailbox`> to fail quietly
* compose: add `$greeting` - a welcome message on top of emails
* config: allow += modification of my_ variables
* hooks: allow a -noregex param to folder and mbox hooks
* imap, smtp: add support for authenticating using XOAUTH2
* imap: speed up server-side searches
* mailcap: implement x-neomutt-nowrap flag
* mailing lists: implement list-(un)subscribe using RFC2369 headers
* notmuch: implement `<vfolder-window-reset>`
* notmuch: make $nm_record work in non-notmuch mailboxes
* notmuch: open database with user's configuration
* notmuch: show additional mail in query windows
* notmuch: tolerate file renames behind neomutt's back
* notmuch: validate `nm_query_window_timebase`
* pager: add `$local_date_header` option
* pager: implement `$pager_read_delay`
* pager: improve skip-quoted and skip-headers
* threads: implement the `$use_threads` feature


* alias: fix crash on empty query
* build: refuse to build without pcre2 when pcre2 is linked in ncurses
* crypto: set invalidity flags for gpgme/smime keys
* hcache: fix caching new labels in the header cache
* imap: add sanity check for qresync
* imap: fix crash on external IMAP events
* imap: fix crash when sync'ing labels
* imap: fix seqset iterator when it ends in a comma
* index: fix index selection on `<collapse-all>`
* mailbox: don't propagate read-only state across reopens
* messages: avoid unnecessary opening of messages
* notmuch: allow windows with 0 duration
* notmuch: fix parsing of multiple `type=`
* notmuch: handle missing libnotmuch version bumps
* notmuch: validate $nm_default_url
* pager: honor mid-message config changes
* search: fix searching by Message-Id in `<mark-message>`
* stats: don't check mailbox stats unless told
* threads: fix double sorting of threads


* make all config names camel_case (e.g., askbcc -> ask_bcc)
* notmuch: specify `$nm_default_url` format
* deprecate `$mime_subject`
* deprecate `$visual`


* remove Context from most places
* remove most global config variables
* use notifications and observers instead of global data
* use qsort_r where available
* refactor most of the windowing / drawing code


* Simplify checks for ncurses
* Use GitHub actions to build and test
* Improve macro detecting functions

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