[neomutt-devel] user-questions on github -> neomutt-users mailinglist

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Mon Mar 8 08:28:23 CET 2021

On Mar 06 2021, 15:39 UTC, toogley <toogley at nixnet.email> wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>So currently, people ask questions on our github issue tracker, like[1].
>Personally i think it would be great if the github issue tracker
>contained only bugs and feature requests as a smaller number of issues
>makes it easier to focus on. I remember flatcap once had this desire
>too, by wanting to stay below 100 issues by closing hard to fix

I personally don't mind answering questions asked on GH issues. We have 
a labels to sort hard bugs like crashes from questions. That has worked 
well so far.

>Additionally, if those questions would be asked on our neomutt-users
>Mailinglist, i think the hurdle to answer such questions would be
>lowered as people can use neomutt. And no, using github's ability to
>answer things per mail is not a good replacement, i feel. At least i
>don't like it.
>So in short: what would you think if we closed every github issue with
>the type:question label and asked people to ask on the neomutt-users
>mailinglist if the question wasn't answerd?

Honestly, I don't see who that would benefit. I don't want the Usenet 
attitude where people spend more time writing "this is not the right 
place to ask that question" than answering the original question.

We do get questions on the mailing lists too, so it's great to hear that 
you're willing to address them.

Pietro Cerutti

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