[neomutt-devel] [PATCH] add -Werror and -pedantic build flag; fix warnings

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sat Mar 6 16:48:03 CET 2021

> but i also thought about running tests with ASAN?
> would that make sense?

It would.  I occasionally run the tests under ASAN.
Unfortunately, the tests are fairly simple.
We've only managed to isolate the simplest functions.

> ... OpenBSD ...  just crash if the slightest thing is wrong.
> So i'd suggest to at least before every release create Beta releases

If I make a Beta release, almost nobody will use it.
Meanwhile, every release is a day's work behind the scenes.

I've documented the process, but nobody's been willing to make a single release.

> Automated tests are bad in neomutt, we need to refactor.

There's that 'we' again.

> Refactoring is difficult because of fear of introducing bugs.

Refactoring is difficult, because the code we inherited was a steaming pile of ****!

I'm working on fixing these problems, but it takes time.

If people want NeoMutt to improve, then they need to help the project.

This means spending THEIR time looking at everything that I've documented.
Reading docs, reading code, figuring out things for themselves.
Then contributing something non-trivial to NeoMutt.

Today, I've spent a couple of hours responding to emails.
This hasn't been a fulfilling use of my time.

    Rich / FlatCap
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