[neomutt-devel] Lua in neomutt | systematically finding segmentation faults

Anton Rieger rieger at jikken.de
Sat Mar 6 14:48:48 CET 2021

On Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 12:44:08PM +0000, Richard Russon wrote:
>> (And NNTP is my main objective to get rid of)
>Any particular reason?
Just wanted to see, if it's possible. And I'm not using NNTP at all.

>> NNTP had some missing `USE_NNTP`
>NNTP *used* to be build-conditional...
>> IMAP/POP for example had been easy.
>as did IMAP and POP.
good to know

>However we removed the `./configure` options because they didn't
>introduce any dependencies to the build.
Except itself. Attack surface and such. But personally I don't mind as much.

>We kept the `#ifdef USE_NNTP` to highlight code that should be
>I'm not planning to restore the `--enable-nntp` option, but...
Sure thing, my case is "esoteric" to put it best ;)

>I'd love to hear ideas of how to move all the NNTP code into the nntp
>dir (and IMAP and POP).  Most likely, this will mean a lot of
>refactoring of the MXAPI (mailbox interface).
Guessed it. (Had been the main errors)

     Anton Rieger

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