[neomutt-devel] NeoMutt 2020-08-07 (DEVEL)

Anton Rieger rieger at jikken.de
Wed Aug 12 23:03:51 CEST 2020


just wanted to add, that
is now:
defaults to »false«.

Hope I didn't skipped a release or overread it in a changelog on this list.


On Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 03:28:39PM +0100, Richard Russon wrote:
>## Notes
>- This is a *Development* Release.
>  It should be stable enough for daily use, but we welcome testers to let us
>  know if there's anything we've missed.  There will be a proper release in a
>  week's time.
>- Add one-liner docs to config items
>  See `neomutt -O -Q smart_wrap`
>- Remove the built-in editor
>  A large unused and unusable feature
>## Thanks
>Many thanks to our *new contributors*:
>- Tim Biermann (@timb87)
>- Yousef Akbar (@yousefakbar)
>and our *regular contributors*:
>- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
>- Austin Ray (@austin-ray)
>- наб (@nabijaczleweli)
>## Security
>- Add mitigation against DoS from thousands of parts
>## Features
>- Allow index-style searching in postpone menu
>- Open NeoMutt using a mailbox name
>- Add `cd` command to change the current working directory
>- Add tab-completion menu for patterns
>- Allow renaming existing mailboxes
>- Check for missing attachments in alternative parts
>- Add one-liner docs to config items
>## Bug Fixes
>- Fix logic in checking an empty From address
>- Fix Imap crash in `cmd_parse_expunge()`
>- Fix setting attributes with S-Lang
>- Fix: redrawing of `$pager_index_lines`
>- Fix progress percentage for syncing large mboxes
>- Fix sidebar drawing in presence of indentation + named mailboxes
>- Fix retrieval of drafts when "postponed" is not in the mailboxes list
>- Do not add comments to address group terminators
>## Changed Config
>- Add `$copy_decode_weed`, `$pipe_decode_weed`, `$print_decode_weed`
>- Change default of `$crypt_protected_headers_subject` to "..."
>- Add default keybindings to history-up/down
>## Build
>- Allow building against Lua 5.4
>- Fix when sqlite3.h is missing
>## Docs
>- Add a brief section on stty to the manual
>- Update section "Terminal Keybindings" in the manual
>- Clarify PGP Pseudo-header `S<id>` duration
>## Code
>- Clean up String API
>- Make the Sidebar more independent
>- De-centralise the Config Variables
>- Refactor dialogs
>- Refactor: Help Bar generation
>- Make more APIs Context-free
>- Adjust the edata use in Maildir and Notmuch
>- Window refactoring
>- Convert libsend to use Config functions
>- Refactor notifications to reduce noise
>- Convert Keymaps to use STAILQ
>- Track currently selected email by msgid
>- Config: no backing global variable
>- Add events for key binding
>## Upstream
>- Fix imap postponed mailbox use-after-free error
>- Speed up thread sort when many long threads exist
>- Fix ~v tagging when switching to non-threaded sorting
>- Add message/global to the list of known "message" types
>- Print progress meter when copying/saving tagged messages
>- Remove ansi formatting from autoview generated quoted replies
>- Change postpone mode to write Date header too
>- Unstuff `format=flowed`

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