[neomutt-devel] yahoo spam folder- anyone have problems with it?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 13:23:25 CEST 2020

I was using my lneomutt library creation with my "mikemail" program
that will hopefully replace fetchmail and other mail processing packages.
I hacked up neomutt and that more or less works although if I keep
sending the same message to the yahoo account it goes to Spam.
Easy enough to look at spam except neomutt complains "no mailbox"
although the ncurses gui seems to list it and Trash. Listing the folders
with libetpan missed both of these, 

./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h772  getting  mb=Archive             
./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h779 Archive  m_messages=0 m_recent=0 m_unread=0               ./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h772  getting  mb=Bulk Mail
./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h779 Bulk Mail  m_messages=0 m_recent=0 m_unread=0             ./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h772  getting  mb=Draft
./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h779 Draft  m_messages=0 m_recent=0 m_unread=0                 ./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h772  getting  mb=Inbox
./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h779 Inbox  m_messages=57 m_recent=0 m_unread=5                ./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h772  getting  mb=Sent
./mjm_libetpan_readmsg.h779 Sent  m_messages=40 m_recent=0 m_unread=0                 ./mikemail.h1567  returned ok    pflr.size()=5
./mikemail.h1568 Archive  m_messages=0 m_recent=0 m_unread=0
./mikemail.h1568 Bulk Mail  m_messages=0 m_recent=0 m_unread=0
./mikemail.h1568 Draft  m_messages=0 m_recent=0 m_unread=0
./mikemail.h1568 Inbox  m_messages=57 m_recent=0 m_unread=5
./mikemail.h1568 Sent  m_messages=40 m_recent=0 m_unread=0

I can probably dig into it but curious if anyone can comment on
these mystery folders.


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