[neomutt-devel] AppVeyor Continuous Integration

Zero King l2dy at macports.org
Sat Sep 14 21:45:41 CEST 2019

On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 06:03:07PM +0100, Richard Russon wrote:
>Do *you* have experience setting up AppVeyor builds?
>(or have the time to read their docs? :-)
>Currently, every code commit that gets pushed to GitHub is automatically
>subjected to a set of test compiles, thanks to TravisCI.
>Unfortunately, TravisCI uses quite an old version of Ubuntu (Xenial 16.04).
>This means I can't test the recent IDN2, or AutoCrypt, code.

Travis CI does support Ubuntu 18.04, just add "dist: bionic" to the
.travis.yml file, see https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/reference/bionic/.

>I've set up AppVeyor, another CI, which has Ubuntu (Bionic 18.04).
>I need someone to create the `.appveyor.yml` config file to run the builds.
>    Rich / FlatCap
>Buy FlatCap a Beer: https://www.paypal.me/russon

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