[neomutt-devel] Unused parameters

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Thu Nov 23 14:17:04 CET 2017

We've eliminated quite a few unused parameters in function prototypes,
but there are many more left.  Mostly they're where we've defined an
API, such as the format strings.

gcc and clang provide: `__attribute__((__unused__))`
How do people feel about marking these unused parameters?

    #define UNUSED(x) UNUSED_ ## x __attribute__((__unused__))

This macro has two properties:
- The attribute tells the compiler that the variable is unused
- It renames the variable to avoid it *being* used

static const char *cb_format_str(char *dest, size_t destlen, size_t UNUSED(col),
                                 int UNUSED(cols), char op, const char *src,
                                 const char *UNUSED(prefix),
                                 const char *ifstring, const char *elsestring,
                                 unsigned long data, enum FormatFlag flags)

This *does* add visual clutter to the code, but it can be hidden with a
vim conceal.  This script hides the `UNUSED()` part completely, but adds
a red dagger (†) as a suffix.

syntax region U_surround matchgroup=U_variable start="UNUSED(" skip="\i\+" end=")" concealends cchar=†
highlight U_surround ctermfg=none guifg=NONE
highlight U_variable ctermfg=red  guifg=red

What do you think?

Rich / FlatCap
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