[neomutt-devel] frequency of releases, proceedings on refactoring the code

toogley at mailbox.org toogley at mailbox.org
Thu Jun 15 17:44:23 CEST 2017

Hey List,

on IRC, a discussion occured, which i want to move to the mailinglist to
include more people. (and archive the discussion)

To sum up my position:

* i got the impression that we make very high stability/bugfree
  guarantees. I think that doesn't work with mutt being so
  That only works when mutt is very much refactored, to a point where
  necessary refactorings are very small.

* Because mutt is so complicated, i don't think we can avoid breaking
  things. Of course we need to fix those bugs, but i think we need break
  things in order to move forward effectively.
  As far as i understand, @dkc disagreed with this idea.

* Because we can only make realistic stability/bugfree guarantees when
  big parts of mutt are refactored, we should only then make the next
  stable release. @flatcap agreed with this idea.

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