[neomutt-devel] Compile Options and Compile Non-Options

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Sat Jul 8 15:28:28 CEST 2017

how much space does neomutt really need?
my current stripped binary has 848KB.
can i leave out "nntp"?  if so - how?
cant find "nntp" in the configure script.

so i'll check the output of "mutt -v"
which lists its "Compile options".
however, some of them are no options which you
can choose via the configure script at all. :-/

this is quite confusing for everyone who
compiles neomutt for himself and others.

so.. which of the 62 compile options are really options
which you can actually choose? (current list see below)

everyone has to figure this out for himself.  but..
hasnt this been done by many people already? anyone?

maybe the list can be separated into two parts:
those, which can actually be chosen - and the
legacy option names which are selected, anyway,
and to which there is no choice anymore?

  Compile options (see configure script):
      -bar +foo
  Legacy compile options:
      +this +that

i think this would make it much easier
to understand what *can* be configured.

also: how do these option names relate to the "Optional Features"
and "Optional Packages" of the configure script?
a text showing those relations would be really handy.

  example: "--with-idn" -> "+idn"

apropos: why does the "+idn" appear between
"+keywords" and "+limit_current_thread"?

is anyone here compiling using "--enable-everything"?
how big are your binaries (stripped and unstripped)?


01  +attach_headers_color
02  +bkgdset
03  +color
04  +compose_to_sender
05  +compress
06  +cond_date
07  +curs_set
08  -debug
09  +encrypt_to_self
10  +fcntl
11  -flock
12  -fmemopen
13  +forgotten_attachments
14  +forwref
15  +futimens
16  +getaddrinfo
17  -gnutls
18  -gpgme
19  -gss
20  -hcache
21  -homespool
22  -iconv_nontrans
23  +ifdef
24  +imap
25  +index_color
26  +initials
27  +keywords
28  +idn
29  +limit_current_thread
30  +lmdb
31  -locales_hack
32  -lua
33  +meta
34  -mixmaster
35  +multiple_fcc
36  +nested_if
37  +new_mail
38  -nls
39  +nntp
40  -notmuch
41  -openssl
42  +pgp
43  +pop
44  +progress
45  +quasi_delete
46  +regcomp
47  +reply_with_xorig
48  +resizeterm
49  -sasl
50  +sensible_browser
51  +sidebar
52  +skip_quoted
53  +smime
54  +smtp
55  +start_color
56  +status_color
57  +sun_attachment
58  +timeout
59  +tls_sni
60  +trash
61  +typeahead
62  +wc_funcs

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