[neomutt-devel] Bug Fix Week

Darshit Shah darnir at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 11:34:53 CET 2017

I really like this idea. Having intermittent feature-freezes is a good 
idea to ensure stability. 

I can run validators on the various scripts and if anything is required 
on automating the build process, please ping me, I'll be happy to help 
get those on track.

* Richard Russon <rich at flatcap.org> [170129 04:30]:
>I'd like to make this coming week "Bug Fix Week".
>Bug-fixing is a vital part of any project.
>By fixing bugs we keep NeoMutt from becoming unstable or unreliable.
>However, this week isn't limited to just bugs.  It's open to anything
>that contributes to the project, but doesn't add new code.
>Please help with whatever you can...
>* Code
>  - Bug-fixes -- pick an issue, assign yourself and fix it!
>  - Coverity -- there are 7 new defects (and ~190 old ones)
>  - Merge upstream commits (from mutt/default)
>  - Run a validator on our shell/perl scripts
>  - Automate a build/management process
>  - Add doxygen comment blocks to functions
>* Docs
>  - Improve the existing docs or man pages
>  - Add new documentation
>  - Write a guide to something you know and use
>  - Proofread docs and offer improvement suggestions
>  - Search the internet for useful guides that we should host
>* Translations -- update a foreign language
>* Contrib -- add something that extends NeoMutt
>  - Scripts
>  - Config
>  - Colour scheme
>* Testing
>  - Try out a feature you haven't used before
>  - Check that the documentation is helpful
>I'd like to make this stabilisation phase a regular part of the
>development cycle.  Perhaps a monthly cycle of:
>* 3 weeks of feature development (feature release)
>* 1 week of bug-fixing / stabilisation (bug-fix release)
>What do you think?
>    Rich

Thanking You,
Darshit Shah
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