[neomutt-devel] Issue labels / Waffle Board

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sun Jan 29 04:29:21 CET 2017

Now there are lots of us and even more issues, it's getting hard to keep
track of everything.  Fortunately, Tobias Angele (@toogley) and Bernard
Pratz (@guyzmo) have been working hard to help organise the project.

We've got a set of labels to categorise the issues and a kanban
(waffle.io) to keep track of their progress:


I have a few questions / suggestions...

* What's the difference between:
	type:feature request

* Can we shorted some of the names?
	has-attached: -> has: or attached:
	"more info from user" -> "more info"

On the waffle site, the labels are taking up a lot of space.

* Change spaces in labels to hyphens

When the labels appear in a URI, the spaces become %20's which looks a
bit messy.

* Could we change the colour of docs:*?

The colour's a quite close to that of the bugs:*

* Add a new label: bug:regression

This means that neo/mutt used to work correctly, but now doesn't.
The label should only be applied when we have a known old version that
used to work (meaning we can 'git bisect').

* Rename the waffle categories / issue labels

I'd like to rename:
	backlog -> planned
	ready -> review

I keep having to look up the meaning of "backlog", so I'd like to change
it to "planned" (meaning: wanted for the next release, but not yet being
worked on).

The "ready" category will become "review".  When someone finishes some
code it will get moved here until it has two approvals.

* Blue Sky category (in waffle)

There are quite a lot of issues in the "pool" category.  Many of the
requests are unlikely to be fulfilled.  I think I'd like a blue-sky
status category (as well as, or instead of) the blue-sky milestone.
That way I don't have to close the issues, but I can ignore them.

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