[neomutt-devel] Reviewers

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sun Jan 29 04:28:34 CET 2017

The NeoMutt project's getting bigger and quickly.
So much so, that I'm starting to become a bottleneck to development.

In order to spread the load and get more eyes looking at the code,
I've created the role of "Reviewer".

    Richard Russon (@flatcap)
    Darshit Shah (@darnir)
    Guillaume Brogi (@guiniol)
    Pierre-Elliott Bécue (@peb)
    Damien Riegel (@dkc)
    Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
    Bernard Pratz (@guyzmo)

Once a piece of code has been finished, you can add a comment:

    @neomutt/reviewers code ready for review

Code will need approval from two reviewers before it will be merged.
(you can't review your own code :-)  Once it has the OK of two
reviewers, one of them can commit the code.

Some draft guidelines are here:


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