[neomutt-devel] NeoMutt 2017-01-28 (1.7.2)

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sat Jan 28 16:49:01 CET 2017

## Notes

In the past, I've sent the same email to both user and devel mailing
lists.  Today, the users get a descriptive list of changes and devel get
a list of closed issues.

## Thanks

Many thanks to our *new contributors*:
- Bryan Bennett (@bbenne10)
- Christian Dröge (@cdroege)
- Marcin Rajner (@mrajner)

and our *regular contributors*:
- Bernard Pratz (@guyzmo)
- Guillaume Brogi (@guiniol)
- Ian Zimmerman (@nobrowser)
- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
- Tobias Angele (@toogley)

## Issues closed

232 Support PLAIN auth mechanism without a SASL library
234 Allow Mutt to read multiple config files at startup
236 Hide sensitive config
248 Cancel reading of mailbox
269 Apply patch to add relative message number patterns
282 Allow the 'source' command to use relative paths
283 Relative ranges and goodies in oldie absolute ranges
284 Do a buffy check after shell escape
285 Searching with a window over notmuch vfolders (part 2)
287 Add recursive mkdir function
289 fixing vim syntax file for index-color commands
290 Support of relative paths sourcing and cyclic source detection
291 Switching to stdbool logic
292 Support for aborting mailbox loading
296 Kill any references to strdup
297 neomutt-20170113 headercache slows down
299 "Re: your mail" when replying to empty subject
300 Added -S option to -D dump option to hide senstitive info
301 inbox-first sorting does not work when namespace separator is '/'
302 Add support for sensitive options and implement -D -S switch
303 Keyword management: edit-label, conflict /doc/manual.xml.head vs /doc/Muttrc.head
311 Relative message numbers
313 editorconfig
317 Added waffle links to README
326 notmuch: Ability to toggle tag
327 Remove in-house implementations of various Std C / POSIX.1 APIs
328 Add ability to toggle notmuch tags on a message
329 Global hooks erroneously expect a pattern
330 Fix global hooks to not take a pattern

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