[neomutt-devel] NeoMutt 2017-01-13 (1.7.2)

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Fri Jan 13 16:26:48 CET 2017

## Notes

- *Mutt-1.7.2 Released*
  - NeoMutt had already adopted most of its fixes in our previous release.

  - Upstream has adopted our XDG Config changes.  *Note*: the locations
    of the new config files have changed to keep in step with Mutt.

  - Upstream has adopted our changes to `$to_chars` and `$status_chars`,
    which allow them to display Unicode characters.
  - New setenv/unsetenv commands to control the environment passed to
    child programs.
  - Add option `$uncollapse_new` to control whether threads uncollapse
    when new mail arrives.

- *New option*: `$from_chars` to customise the "From" indicator in the index.

- *Build Changes*
  - The `--enable-hcache` configure option is no longer needed, it's assumed
    when you use one of the backend options, e.g. `--with-tokyocabinet`
  - New configure option `--enable-everything` to save developers' time.

## Thanks

Many thanks to our *new contributors*: 

- Adam Borowski (@kilobyte)
- Bernard Pratz (@guyzmo)
- Ian Zimmerman (@nobrowser)
- Riad Wahby (@kwantam)
- Rubén Llorente
- Somini (@somini)
- Wieland Hoffmann (@mineo)

and our *regular contributors*:

- André Berger (@hvkls)
- Darshit Shah (@darnir)
- Guillaume Brogi (@guiniol)
- Ivan Tham (@pickfire)
- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)

## Features

- Allow custom status flags in index_format (@somini)
- $from_chars highlights differences in authorship (@nobrowser)
- notmuch: make 'Folder' and 'Tags' respect (un)ignore (@kwantam)
- notmuch: add "virtual-unmailboxes" command

## Bug Fixes

- pick smarter default for $sidebar_divider_char (@pickfire)
- status color breaks "mutt -D" (@gahr)
- Enable reconstruct-thread in the pager (@mineo)
- manually touch 'atime' when reading a mbox file (@kilobyte)
- allow $to_chars to contain Unicode characters
- increase the max lmdb database size
- restore limit current thread
- don't reset the alarm unless we set it
- some more places that may get NULL pointers
- rework initials to allow unicode characters

## Translations

- Spanish translation (Rubén)
- German translation (@hvkls)

## Docs

- Improve whitespace and grammar on the NNTP feature page (@mineo)
- make $to_chars docs more legible
- de-tab the DocBook
- fix 301 redirects

## Build

- New configure option --enable-everything (@darnir)
- add a constant for an aborted question (@gahr)
- enhance mutt_to_base64() (and callers) (@gahr)
- Fix configure.ac to require md5 if hcache is enabled (@gahr)
- Bail if a selected hcache backend cannot be found (@gahr)
- refactor mutt_matches_ignore (@kwantam)
- fix hcache + make dist
- add unicode string helper function
- Re-indent configure.ac
- generate devel version suffix
- fix check_sec.sh warnings
- remove unnecessary #ifdef's
- add missing #ifdef for nntp
- ignore some configure temp files
- fix "make dist" target
- fix function prototypes
- fix coverity warnings
- notmuch: drop strndup, replace with mutt_substrdup

## Upstream

- Fix failure with GPGME 1.8: do not steal the gpgme_ prefix.
- search muttrc file according to XDG Base Specification (closes #3207)
- Improve openssl interactive_check_cert. (closes #3899)
- Add mutt_array_size macro, change interactive_check_cert() to use it. (see #3899)
- Return to pager upon aborting a jump operation. (closes #3901)
- Change sidebar_spoolfile coloring to be lower precedence.
- Move '@' pattern modifier documentation to the right section.
- Add setenv/unsetenv commands.
- Rework OpenSSL certificate verification to support alternative chains. (closes #3903)
- Add option to control whether threads uncollapse when new mail arrives.
- In the manual, replaced 2 para by example (similar to the first example).
- Create mbchar_table type for multibyte character arrays. (see #3024)
- Make to_chars and status_chars accept mulitibyte characters. (closes #3024)

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