[neomutt-devel] NeoMutt 2017-02-25 (1.8.0)

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sat Feb 25 03:23:34 CET 2017

## Notes

- Upstream Release 1.8.0

## Thanks

Many thanks to our *new contributors*:

- Edward Betts (@edwardbetts)
- Mehdi Abaakouk (@sileht)
- William Pettersson (@wpettersson)

and our *regular contributors*:

- Tobias Angele (@toogley)
- Guillaume Brogi (@guiniol)
- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
- Wieland Hoffmann (@mineo)
- Bernard Pratz (@guyzmo)
- Ismaël Bouya (@immae)
- Damien Riegel (@d-k-c)

## Issues closed

176  blocks on start if the network isn't responding
222  What prevents us from Unit Testing our C code directly? (instead of using lua for that)
224  Create a suitable coding style option set via clang-format
239  SubjectRX - Modify the subject (by regex) before display
245  Unicode and sidebar patch with overflowing lines bleeds into sidebar itself
266  Internationalize strings
308  Segfault when opening a discarded postponed mail
334  Merge upstream commits
336  Query: Attach file
337  Xapian errors when `virtual-mailboxes` are set.
346  IMAP: mailbox closed
354  Simplify imap_keepalive + some cleanup
360  factorize base64 usage
362  Remove first argument from mutt_debug
365  Avoid browing the remote spoolfile by setting MUTT_SELECT_MULTI attach next-release
366  Try (once) to reconnect after an IMAP failure
368  Advance by the correct number of position even for unknown characters
369  Use `mutt_buffer_init` in hook.c
370  Use `mutt_buffer_init` instead of `memset`
371  doc: fix confusing description of notmuch operators
372  Do not cast the return from malloc et similia
373  Do not cast return values from malloc (et similia)
375  debug: remove dprint in favor of mutt_debug
376  Fix dubious use macro for _() / gettext()
378  Segfault saving an alias
379  Reverts making AliasFile into a list_t
380  Fixes name for the LIFO structure.
382  figure out how many // clang-format
383  KyotoCabinet data should be free'd with kcfree()
384  Release KyotoCabinet data with kcfree()
385  Sync to upstream/d215a36fd8ee next-release
386  Fix coverity warnings
387  Fix latest Coverity issues next-release
388  Fix safe_calloc calls
390  Add an option to show multipart/alternative
391  Add alternate types information in viewer
392  fix codingstyle using clang-format
393  SegFault in complete_all_nm_tags
395  Notmuch sending bad info
396  Do not cast or check returns from safe_calloc
397  Update the german translation next-release
398  No way to turn off "GPGME: CMS protocol not available" warnings next-release
400  Avoid browsing the remote spoolfile by setting MUTT_SELECT_MULTI attach next-release
401  Fixes missing failure return of notmuch msg open next-release
402  Kill homebrewed (v)snprintf implementations, as they are already available in the C99 standard
403  Notmuch: Fixed modify-labels command on folders next-release
405  Fix resource leaks on error paths (coverity)
406  Remove snprintf.c from EXTRA_DIST next-release
407  Interrupted system call error with non-ssl imap makes neomutt unusable
408  Avoid "Interrupted system call" IMAP errors next-release
409  Misusage of mutt_allow_interrupt? next-release
411  handle sigint within socket operations next-release
412  correct spelling mistakes next-release
413  merge: upstream fixes (mutt/default) next-release
417  notmuch: Allow to use untransformed tag for color
418  fix comment reflow next-release
419  Remove ugly macros and casts from crypt-gpgme.c next-release
420  Use getaddrinfo_a if possible next-release
425  NeoMutt Release Cadence
427  toggling notmuch tag works not in a macro and executes as a external program.

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