[neomutt-devel] Labels/Keywords/Tags framework in mutt

David Champion dgc at bikeshed.us
Sat Feb 18 22:46:42 CET 2017

* On 18 Feb 2017, Guyzmo wrote: 
> On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 05:59:45PM -0800, David Champion wrote:
> > > I never heard of those, are they implemented in mutt?
> > The patch implements them.
> > There's a lot of conversation here.  I don't think it's a benefit to
> > carry it right now.  I will be reposting the patch on mutt-dev as soon
> > as I know it's stable again.  Only about half applied cleanly since
> > 1.7.0.
> You said you're reposting, could you give the message-id of the first
> post of your patchset on the ML? I cannot find it.

I feel a bit foolish, but it looks like all this is moot.  Apparently
the code I'm talking about has been merged in meomutt already.  I look
forward to seeing how this further divides the code bases.

Richard wrote earlier in this discussion:
> I've already merged your new label code from upstream.
> Is there more code to come?

I thought he was talking about my label changes that were
committed upstream about 3 weeks ago.  But according to
https://www.neomutt.org/feature/keywords an older version of the current
code was committed 2016-05-30. So you can find it there.

But anyway, to address your bigger concern:

> Well, maybe trying to work together to have a patchset that supports all
> keywords schemes with a common interface, including notmuch, and have it
> done so that it can be merged in mutt isn't a bad idea?

No, it's not. But -

> You said in an earlier post that you appreciate the momentum neomutt
> has achieved, and regretted it was not for mutt directly. But when it
> comes to collaborate, you're just discarding several people's input
> (Mehdi, Pietro or myself), saying that first you want your way merged
> and then we can talk.

I'm not discarding input, not at all.  But I'm talking about code
that I'm going to commit to mutt if it passes discussion in the mutt
developers community.  That discussion needs to happen on the mutt
developers' list, not on the neomutt github or neomutt-devel list.  It's
not fair to my community for me to discuss it with your group and then
commit it to mutt, cutting them out.

That discussion begins when I post the code to the list.  Not when I
give neomutt a heads up about it.

David Champion • dgc at bikeshed.us
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