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David Champion dgc at bikeshed.us
Mon Feb 13 03:45:49 CET 2017

* On 12 Feb 2017, Guyzmo wrote: 
> Or, as much as I'm not found of centralized systems, maybe having the
> project setup on Github helps in getting more visibility, attracting
> more people and makes it is easier for new people to report and submit
> patches.
> I'm sorry to say but, Mercurial is the Betamax of DVCS and Trac is so
> much 2010 😉


I do think the hosting matters, in the sense of having an effect.
Developers these days are much more oriented around the PR model than
iterated list submissions.  And you're right about Mercurial being
a Betamax.  At least two of us are mercurial contributors.  We're
more comfortable with hg, and we find it more capable -- or at least
easier to get things done in.  Git makes anything above basic use
pretty pointlessly difficult.  I have often converted repos to hg to do
anything hard and convert back to git when done. :p

But that said -- we've talked about all this internally, and we're still
discussing whether to switch to VHS.  It will be painful, but it might
be the right choice.

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