[neomutt-devel] realizing 4 spaces indendation, curly brace on the same line as function without merging pain

toogley toogley at mailbox.org
Sun Feb 12 09:25:44 CET 2017

As far as i understood, we have chosen our current coding style to be similar to mutt's coding style, because that makes merging patches from upstream easier.

But i'm not sure if that's really the necessary. With some scripting-fu we could make some git branches:

* mutt
* mutt-fixed-codingstyle

which are completely automatically updated. If a commit is pushed to upstream's mercurial mutt repo, our mutt branch is updated. When that happens, a second script imports the new changes from the mutt branch into the mutt-fixed-codingstyle branch and applies our clang-format config onto that.

Now my question: What prevents us from doing that? What prevents us from choosing our favorite coding style (that is, e.g. 4 spaces indendation, curly braces on the same line as the function name) and applying that automatically like I described above?

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