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David Champion dgc at bikeshed.us
Fri Feb 10 12:12:27 CET 2017

* On 09 Feb 2017, Sven Guckes wrote: 
> > Please understand that this seems very ad hoc and arbitrary from our
> > point of view, given that not one of you in the forking community
> > ever addressed the specific concerns that you say forking brings
> > you.
> adhoc? arbitrary? please! remember mutt-ng?

Of course.  Rocco (pdmef) was an active member of the mutt community for
some time.  He forked, but after a while he recognized that this wasn't
a positive development for mutt -- that his efforts served mutt better
from the center.  He returned as a contributor, and later was named a
co-maintainer.  Most of mutt-ng's deltas came back with him, but he had
been careful to preserve interop.

Not sure how that relates to my saying this fork seems arbitrary, but
I did want to acknowledge Rocco's contributions to mutt.  He has been


Sven's response was, let's say, very inspirational.  I wrote a lot of
words.  I spent a lot of time editing them too, but I think they will be
tl;dr so they aren't here anymore.

To paraphrase: Neomutt is a fork.  There's no way to think otherwise,
as I read more of your material and look at events.  I think there's
acknowledgement of that from within, even embracing.  The activity
within the group is characteristic of a project that fully intends to
supplant its predecessor.  I just ask that you own it.  The only way
Neomutt is "not a fork" is if you have or anticipate a proposal for
merge-back.  I'd be curious what it is.

Also, if you make a lot of money with your Paypal donation button and
you don't know what to do with it, may I suggest refugee resettlement or
MSF?  You can do that with my share of the proceeds, at least.  Say that
it's from the Mutt project.

Let us know if there's anything you want to cooperate on.  You know
where to find us.  Naturally you're still welcome to submit patches as

David Champion • dgc at bikeshed.us
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