[neomutt-devel] "mutt -D" improvements

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Wed Feb 1 15:51:23 CET 2017

Recently we added a new command line flag '-S' the 'sensitive' flag.
"mutt -DS" obscures any fields you wouldn't want to make public.

I like to suggest some more modifications to "mutt -D"

1) Sort the options

   The options are printed in the order of init.h (which is mostly in order)
   Sorting them would be prettier.

2) Output a valid muttrc

   Change the output so it's a valid muttrc that could be used without editing.

      menu_scroll is unset

      set save_history=100
      set menu_scroll=no

3) Show only the CHANGED values

   "mutt -D | wc -l" shows nearly 400 options.
   Most of these I haven't changed from the default.

   Add an option to only show options different from the default.

4) Don't obscure UNSET values

   "mutt -DS" obscures all the values it thinks are sensitive.
   Some of them aren't set.
   If a value is empty, I think it should be shown so.

5) Create a muttrc validator

   When you run mutt, it will warn you about any options that it doesn't
   understand.  Change mutt (or create a separate program) to validate
   a config file.  Optionally, explain what's wrong, e.g.

     Option 'print' is a quad-type, it can have values:
       'yes', 'no', 'ask-yes', 'ask-no'

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