[neomutt-devel] clang-format

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Fri Apr 14 18:10:13 CEST 2017

It is done.  clang-format has been applied to the entire source tree.
The tidying work is complete.

The source and headers have been treated slightly differently.

The source files (*.c) have had clang-format applied and it's expected
that this will become an automatic process in the future.  A few blocks
of source have been protected from change by special comments
    // clang-format off
    // clang-format on

The header files contain a lot of #define'd lists which contain a lot of
manually placed whitespace.  clang-format doesn't have an option to
align these as we'd like.

The compromise was to run clang-format on the headers, but cherry-pick
the formatting that was more human-friendly.  clang-format won't be
automatically run on the headers.

- All trailing whitespace has been deleted
- All tabs have been expanded
- Tabs "\t" in translated strings have been expanded
  (this makes it easier to align translated strings)

These changes have left all the branches in a non-mergeable state.
So, in addition, I have spent a LOT of time rebasing all the branches and
pull-requests.  This wasn't easy.

The diffs look OK and everything compiles.  Please check your work.

Note: the new versions of the branches have been formatted, so they
      might look slightly different to how you left them :-)

All the old branches have been backed up (I'll leave these branches
around for a few weeks):
    devel/widget -> old/devel/widget

Pull requests that aren't in the neomutt repo haven't been updated.
For each of them, there's a [pr/123] branch in neomutt.
Please sync your repo, then update the PR.

I shall create a new release later tonight / early tomorrow.

Any questions?
    Rich / FlatCap
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