[neomutt-devel] debugging

Guillaume Brogi gui-gui at netcourrier.com
Tue Sep 20 19:09:21 CEST 2016

> > 1. How can I compile neomutt with debug symbols? I tried setting CFLAGS,
> >    but that didn't do anything...
> As Elimar said:
>     ./configure --enable-debug
> though, this *ought* to be the same:
>     make CFLAGS=-DDEBUG
> I don't think DEBUG actually enables much, except the `dprint` function.
Thanks for the information (thank you Elimar too), and dprint will be
useful. However, I'm looking for a way to compile neomutt so that the
resulting binary includes debug symbols, so that I can debug it with
gdb. --enable-debug doesn't do that.

> > 2. How can I send debug messages and errors? I didn't really look
> >    around, but it could have helped me understanding what was going on.
> The `dprint` has the strangest prototype I've ever seen:
> e.g.
>     dprint (2, (debugfile, "error in the %s", name));
> This will be save to the debug file (~/.muttdebug0 by default) if you
> run:
>     mutt -d LEVEL
> Where LEVEL is 2 or above.  Each time you run `mutt -d` the debug files
> are rotated:
>     .muttdebug0 -> .muttdebug0
>     .muttdebug1 -> .muttdebug1
>     .muttdebug2 -> .muttdebug2
>     .muttdebug3 -> .muttdebug3
>     .muttdebug4 (deleted)
> As for warning the user, there's: mutt_message() and mutt_error().
> e.g.
>     mutt_message (_("Authenticating (%s)..."), method);
>     mutt_error (_("%s authentication failed."), method);
>     mutt_sleep (0);
> Note the use of the _() function to provide message translations.
> After printing an error, it's usual to call mutt_sleep(NUM_SECS) to make
> sure that the user notices.  If the time is set to 0, then the wait is
> determined by the $sleep_time config variable.

Thanks for all that too.


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